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Group Fitness Classes


Master your technique. Maximize results. 45 mins Burn calories and help build fitness and strength while improving energy levels, flexibility, balance, agility and core strength.


The low-impact whole body group fitness workout that uses VIVEballs, VIVEtubes and body weight to boost fitness and core strength.

NB - There is also an Express 45min Bodyvive class on Monday mornings at 6am.

A typical Class

  • Rise & Shine - The class opens with easy, flowing moves to warm the body.
  • Connect & Go - The muscles of the upper body are activated with bigger movements to drive the heart rate up as the VIVE ball is introduced to the workout.
  • Dance Cardio - Have fun with simple dance steps and rhythms. Enjoy developing coordination while you work out.
  • Interactive Cardio - The room dynamic chages and intensity increases with simple athletic-type moves and a focus on powerwalking.
  • Fitness Cardio - This is the "peak" and your last chance to lift your heart rate with big, strong and simple athletic moves.
  • Tai Chi & Yoga - Drop down a gear to work on mobility and flexibility with a big focus on breathing to recover.
  • Balance & Leg Strength - Balancing your body - on one leg or both - builds strength and stabilises the muscles that support great posture.
  • Functional Strength - Build strength in the upper and lower body using the BODYVIVE equipment.
  • Ab Strength - Strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles with Pilates-based moves.
  • Back Care - A combination of strength, stabilisation and mobility work, this track helps build and maintain great posture.
  • Release & Restore - Long-held stretches to unwind the body and leave you feeling rejuvinated and energised.