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Summit Fitness is proud to bring EMS Training to Lismore. This unique combination of EMS technology and Personal training offers a custom 20-minute full-body workout. Now you can Fast Track your body goals in a fun, safe and comfortable environment. Claim your Free Trial and experience the future of fitness!


2x20 Minute sessions per week is all you need!

  • Burn Fat Fast
  • Shape and Tone
  • Increase Strength and Endurance
  • Improve Posture
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Muscle Rehabilitation
  • Post-Natal Recovery

Why Train with EMS?

Training with EMS is not only a revolutionary experience but it has a range of health benefits, including:

Save Time

With EMS you can achieve the results of a 90-minute workout in only 20 minutes. Because more muscles are activated at once, more calories are burned.

Shape & Tone

EMS training can increase muscle mass and decrease body fat all at the same time. Sessions are customised to your unique requirements.

EMS is easy on Joints

Relieve joints

EMS Training will not put additional pressure on your joints. It can be used after an injury or to relieve joint pain as well.

Improve Posture

EMS will help activate and strengthen all of the major muscle groups which can help to stabilize the spine and the hip simultaneously.

Feel the difference!

EMS training at Summit Gym is a full-body workout that utilises the Xbody training suit and wireless device to stimulate all of the major muscle groups while you exercise for 20 minutes.

Our expert EMS trainers customise each session to ensure your fitness goals are achieved. These sessions can be either in a private or group setting.

No Time? No Excuse!

Not only is our EMS device modern and sleek in design it is also renowned
for providing a comfortable, safe and effective workout.

FIBO Innovation Award Winner
FITEXPO Poznan, Gold Medal Winner
Transdanubian Innovation Award Winner
Pegazus Rising Start Up Award Winner

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