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Infant Aquatics Infant Aquatics and Terrific Toddlers in our Swim Program and Swim School is the best way to get your child's swimming development, learn to swim

Infant Swim Classes

Infant Aquatics Monday to Saturday morning classes

Infant Aquatics is specifically designed for Babies aged between 3mths and 18mths. Qualified Instructors work with parent and child to build water familiarisation and confidence. Parents learn different techniques for teaching water safety skills. It is also a reintroduction into the watery environment for babies and is a beautiful bonding experience for parent and child.

$12 per class- places limited, bookings essential.

Terrific Toddlers Monday to Saturday morning classes

Terrific Toddlers is the stepping stone between Infant Aquatics and Learn-to-Swim lessons. It is the beginning of the Learn-to-Swim experience and builds confidence and independence in the water. More swimming style exercises are used such as kickboard and noodle work. Parents are phased out as the Toddler feels more confident.

$12 per class- places limited, bookings essential.